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Menetekel Film
Maarten Isaäk de Heer

Sewanstrasse 122
10319, Berlin

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animation studio - 2D tradigital - experimental - fulldome - VR animation - art - commissions

Gans Egaal    (2002)



A series of seven animated shorts, was my graduation project at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, in 2002.


It was based on a pun: Gans Egaal means ‘completely blank’ in Dutch, but also ‘Goose White’. In German, "(es ist mir) ganz egal" means, "I don't care at all". 

This is how Gans Egaal came to life. The idea was, if you want to make a Gans Egaal film, you have to show the goose, give him a particular direction or activity (for example, riding a bike), then introduce a problem (he crashes into the barrier as it drops down on the beach), and let him choose the most obvious way to overcome the problem (he gets up and carries on) … there you go. 


The formula/ format for his character:  0+0+0=0